Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Automatic updates, where have you been?

I am late to the game on doing any 10.9 testing as far as rolling out to the 1:1, honestly I am a little hesitant the the 3 year old machines can handle running the OS, I know 10.9 was supposed to slim down the stress on the hardware and improve battery life.  My personal machines that are running 10.9 are pretty beastly and I would say the battery life improvement is noticeable on my MBP to about a 60-90min increase on duration up from the ~6 hours I was getting while running 10.8.

I am especially happy with the initial impressions of the automatic updates to Apps purchased through the app store.  This singular feature has me rolling up my sleeve and preparing to send out the call to 10-15 brave individuals to sign up to be beta testers for my 10.9 plans.  Right now the App updating process is mind numbingly aggravating, downloading, capturing the App, removing receipt records and then rolling it out to user, while doing it occasionally is not to daunting, when 3-6 apps are released on any given day and the Update notification appears on student screens, they get antsy and start sending me emails.

While some of you are not looking at managing a network of Macs, the feature is mightily handy and I highly recommend turning it on, you can find it by going to your System Preferences and choosing the App Store icon and checking the boxes like those below.
In 10.8 the Install app updates option is missing and this quality of life change is magnificent very much appreciated.

In addition, which has been around for a couple OS's, but the Automatically downloading Apps feature, while I never used it much in the past should be a nice feature if my theory of I purchase the app on my Apple VPP account and machines are set up with the VPP account, the apps should automatically download and then be added to the update cycle on all laptops.

This feature should cut down on the initial setup time of a lot of things as now I should be able to create a master image and avoid the need of downloading the 30ish apps that are put on student machines as they should automatically download in the next couple days after the student gets their machine or I purchase an app.

IT side of things just got a little easier, also Apple, many thanks for tabs in Finder!

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