Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Broken Headphone Plug? Clean your ears!

Q-Tip with offending Audio Plug
Had a student bring in a laptop with the headphone plug stuck in his laptop.  This one was not to bad really, almost the entire plug was broken in the jack and not the little tip that can get stuck all the way down.

In the past I would simply crack open the case, remove some hardware, pop the plug our from the inside and be happy that it was out.  But doing this would have voided my warranty on the machine, and the past 2 years have taught me those warranties are a wonderful thing to have in a 1:1.

Super Glue Pen
 A YouTube search later and I found with using a Q-Tip, Super Glue and a Scissors.  This method worked for my particular issue.  But I also found if you have the tip of the plug stuck down in the audio port and can not get to as easily with a toothpick or are in fear of getting SuperGlu caked on the inside of your audio port this would be something that would be worth giving a try.

Super Glue Pen Tip
So, in the end, a trip to the hardware store $3.00 for a box of Q-Tips and $2.00 Super Glue, I got the Super Glue pen, which would be the one I recommend with the fine application tip, picture is a little fuzzy, but it was really easy to put the glue on the Q-Tip.

A $5.00 cost that could save some money in the future.

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