Wednesday, April 11, 2012

iPad froze at In-App Purchase Confirmation

I had an interesting problem come across my desk yesterday.  An iPad2 stuck with the In-App purchase confirmation screen.   When trying to interact with the confirmation screen, if you press the cancel and buy buttons, they will animate while being press but nothing happens.

First thing I tried to was to double press the home button and quit all of my open apps, which did nothing.

Next I thought I would try shutting the unit down and rebooting.  I held down the Home+Sleep buttons and the Power Off slider appeared, but would not allow me to move the slider.

This left me stumped, as rebooting an iPad is usually the cure for most non-critical issues.  How could I pull off the reboot when I am not able to interact with display.  Little did I know I was on the right path, turns out if you continue to hold down the Home+Sleep buttons the iPad will do a hard reboot.  I held the button down for approximately 10 seconds and the iPad shutdown, I pressed Home+Sleep again and the machine rebooted and the App confirmation screen had disappeared.

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