Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have been Out-Geeked!

3 months into our 1:1 and things have been going really really good.  As the days have worn on student laptop use has slipped a little in being academically focused to student-centric.  One area of concern had become Google Talk through our Google Apps.  Over the past couple days I had been running scenarios through my head of students reaction to the service stopped.

After thinking that I had it mostly figured out, I spoke with faculty and decided that shut off Google Talk this morning and then sent an email to all students explaining the reasoning behind the suspesion of service.

Within 30 minutes of the email I received an email from a student (a wonderful student btw) stating that you are punishing us all for the actions of a few and that those few are just going to continue their ways.


But the point has been received, 2 students that could be grouped into a "questionable usage as of late" group stopped in before lunch to talk to me.  I never once singled out one student as being the bad student, just made general statements based on the data I had.

Ah well, best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

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