Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5o Days into the Summer, how things are going

So tomorrow will be 50 days since the last day with students.  I thought I would take a few moments to sit down and put my thoughts as to the progress of the 1:1 as it stands right now.

First off, Apple has been an pleasure to work with.  So far I have been in contact with 8 different people about all different parts of the project.  Meetings and schedules have been laid out and right now the plan is for August 10th to be the date of our Laptop Night.  I am thinking around 7pm so that most families can have dinner and then come for the show.

The last 6 days I have been running wires for the Airport Extreme Base Stations around the building.  Let me tell you, if you have never worked in the rafters of the 60's era industrial style built building, then give me a call, text, email and you can come over for a day and and enjoy the torture that is working in the rafters.

The supplies have been rolling in.  Right now all the iPad carts are here, and they are really cool.  Take a look at them through the previous link as they are a very smart and solid design and can't thank Bretford enough for making them.

Laptop image is moving along, right now making sure the laptops will work in our environment outta the box is the top priority.  I have 2 laptops coming in the mail that are going to be test machines that the idea behind them is that when I  boot the laptop they are automatically connect to the network.

Server transfer has been completed, I just need to push the button for everything to go, little reluctant to push the button although the time for the current server has come and it needs to be retired.

With that I am going to cut this post short as I have 2 angels waiting for me at daycare and desperately  want to see them.

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