Monday, May 16, 2011

Nervous and excited, is there really a difference?

The past 7 years I have had to go in front of our board and ask them to spend money on things they are not all quite familiar with.  Technology can be a confusing and complicated discussion when the people you are presenting it to are not familiar with the technology.  I have been fortunate in the past, my 1st year as Tech Coordinator we had a new Superintendent who was a Tech Coordinator before he got his administrative position.  One thing that he taught me was how to present technology to the board.
I would get caught up in explaining what the technology did and not how it enhance instruction or benefit the users.

Here I sit on the day of the 1:1 Laptop Initiative going over my notes, trying to make sure that I focus on the benefits, not the build of the program.  In the pocket I have an Apple rep all equipper with a slideshow and movies to help me and hopefully get this last year of planning to become a reality.

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