Friday, May 20, 2011

300 new units-to soon too panic?

I have had a 5 days to let the happiness subside about the 1:1 proposal being approved.  Things didn't go as smoothly as I had hope, but when it came down to it, the project was approved.  I want to thank Alan Hansen and the handfull of teachers who came out to support this project and understand the importance of this project.

On Wednesday, while I was working on the school website, I had a sudden crash of reality.  I just had 300 new units approved and they will be arriving in the next two months and need to be ready to rock on August 15th-BREATH!

Scary yes, but not nearly as exciting as the prospect.  I have had numerous elementary teacher ask me when they can get their hands on and iPad to "play" with it before school.  I have had phone calls from community members both thanking and scolding me.  For those of you thanking me, your welcome and you are going to see a fundament shift in how we do business in our building.  To those scolding me about the cost, I am sorry about the cost, but you are going to see a fundament shift in how we do business in our building.

We have to change the way we teach our students and also change the environment in which they learn.  The days of preacher teacher were dead 10 years ago, but sadly, today they still exist.  This is not a fault of the teacher, what they did worked, so it will continue to work.  That is not the case anymore, our students have fundamentally changed.  Attention spans of seconds, brains overstimulated with TV, Pop Culture, and music.

What the 1:1 will allow us to to do is give the instant satisfaction that students today need.  I stumbled across a very simple video explanation of what I believe is part of the problem that many students are facing today.  Its not so much the students are bored, we just can't reach them when they have cell phones pinging in the pockets.

Now their are skeptics that say that students with laptops will just play games all day.  Take it from me, computers are more than just glorified game consoles.  Computers can help to engage students, allow them to multi-task at will and engage themselves and all parts of their brain.

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