Thursday, April 14, 2011

Internet Privacy Act? wait the web is private?

Once again our elected officials are up to their best act about caring what is best for this country.  This time its an Internet Security Act.  Bill sponsors, John Kerry (D-Mass) and John McCain (R-Ariz) are leading the charge to force business to tell people how they collect information about them.

On top this sounds like a great idea, companies have to divulge how they track your movements online.  But what will this bill truly do?  In my mind little except open the door for more government control and regulation of the internet.  No where in the bill does it state that the government will have to follow these guidelines, nor does it do anything to face the real problem, the identity thieves and false front businesses that would not follow the rules anyway.

Nor does it do anything to address threats from overseas.  Instead it is going to put a blanket on that doesn't cover your feet, while you are snuggly warm up top, the cold is still creeping in down below.  The evils of the web will always exist and their is no way we can get rid of them.

All I see this bill really doing is opening up the doors to allow the governments to come in and legally track what we are doing in the name of national security.

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