Thursday, March 31, 2011

Simple Expectations on impossible demands

One of the coolest things about being in my position.  I get to experiment with new technology before I deploy it for district use.  I love being able to install new software and check if its even worth taking to the technology committee and from there rolling out a test phase and finally full implementation.

On the opposite side of a new rollout is the crowd of resistance.  I understand that people like to feel comfortable, don't like surprises, and enjoy know the expectations.  That being said, it drives me crazy beyond belief how the crowd of resistance will on some issues fight until the bitter end.

Three years we transitioned from an Exchange Server to using Google Apps free solutions for 2 major reasons, costs and maintenance.  I stood in front of my staff of 42 and there were a handful of people who were dismayed and just didn't know how they could make the switch.  I had one who had over 13,000 saved email's and believed that everyone needed to be saved.  Now thankfully his computer was an iMac running OS 8 so there was no way(I know there is) I could upload his email to the Google Apps account.  So the compromise was that he could keep his old iMac and access it as he needed, the machine has sat motionless, turned off for the past 2 years, I approached him about removing the Mac and got chased out of the room saying he may need to check those old emails....

I guess my point is that I am not trying to be impossible, yes I know its an inconvenience when people have been doing one thing for 5 years and it is working just fine, why fix what isn't broken.

At the same time, 3 years later, I am having the same battle with Google Docs.  I am not trying to get my staff to transfer everything to Google Docs, the opposite is true, I instead want the students to use Google Docs cause it would give them the ability to have there work with them at all times there is an internet connection.  But after doing trainings with students, teachers turn around and tell them to use Office.  Why, oh why do you fight me logic.  All I want is to go to sleep knowing my students are uploading their misspelled, over-plagiarized work to the Cloud.

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